Monday, January 24, 2011

Lion Meat Tacos - a referral

Well, the word on the street
in the cat world
is that some goofy restaurant
in Arizona 
is marketing lion meat tacos.

This fabulous photo above 
can be found with a story 
about some responses to this announcement
at one of our many
favorite blogs,
(Follow the link for the rest of their story.)

Our own take on this story
is that we firmly believe
that the last laugh
will be on anyone who thinks
they can eat a lion meat taco
and get away with it.

Don't forget, dear Humans,
that if all your power grids
were zapped tomorrow
by a meteorite,
and you got snowed into
your homes,
unable to drive
your little cars,
and you were left to your own
well, the lions would probably
outlive you --

and maybe even have you
for dinner.

(but we still love you!

P and S)


Debra She Who Seeks said...


Kea said...

Are you serious? This is disgusting! We never understand how humans think they're so superior to other species, when they depend on so many plants and animals for their existence. However, no species on this earth (species, not individual house pet) relies on humans for *their* existence at all. And the world would continue on quite happily without humans in it to destroy everything.