Sunday, January 30, 2011

sleeping with elephants

I do love sleeping!
Especially on these cold,
dull days.

And look at these cool new pillows
mom got from a friend
who bought them in 

I really like the elephants,
and want to be just like them.
If I were an elephant,
in fact, 
Squeak could never mess with me.
Neither could a Three Year Old.

In this next picture,
you can see that,
by nearly surrounding myself
with them,
I can make myself actually look like an elephant:

Not convinced?
How about this,
the following picture
is actually a picture of me,
pretending to be
an elephant:

Why is it
I think you don't 
believe me?

have a great Monday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011




No one's around.

I think I'll take a little bath
in this excellent place:

Yes, indeed,
this is one of those
coveted spots;
it's rarely so available.

Now, will you check out
that T.V. behind me--
I'll bet you weren't even born
when that thing was
brand new.

Don't forget,
the BTLO
on another site,
to be 424 years old,
or thereabouts.

Poor thing.

It's just menopause, you know.


I think I'll blow this spot -- it's a little too cold.

^^   ^^
><  ><
Oh, look at this,

it's empty!

I love this place!

I even love that T.V.! 
Would you believe,
the darned thing still works?!

with love,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lion Meat Tacos - a referral

Well, the word on the street
in the cat world
is that some goofy restaurant
in Arizona 
is marketing lion meat tacos.

This fabulous photo above 
can be found with a story 
about some responses to this announcement
at one of our many
favorite blogs,
(Follow the link for the rest of their story.)

Our own take on this story
is that we firmly believe
that the last laugh
will be on anyone who thinks
they can eat a lion meat taco
and get away with it.

Don't forget, dear Humans,
that if all your power grids
were zapped tomorrow
by a meteorite,
and you got snowed into
your homes,
unable to drive
your little cars,
and you were left to your own
well, the lions would probably
outlive you --

and maybe even have you
for dinner.

(but we still love you!

P and S)

feral cat care in the winter

we know we've written about this before,
but where we live 
yesterday's high was about
4 Fahrenheit.

Since Pişi herself
was once a 
"feral cat," 
we have some pretty strong feelings
about taking care of our fellow felines,
who, by their own choice or the choice of some human,
have been fated to live out this life

We found a couple really neat websites
that gave some advice on keeping our cousins
warm and safe.
The link given above describes a couple
really neat shelter ideas,
including one where you use
solar swimming pool covers 
to attract and retain heat.

This link is another site
full of great ideas on building shelters
(this one above is built
out of a Rubbermaid Storage Container)
and other really practical ideas
for those chilly kitties.

And both before and after
you're finished building your feral cat shelter,
make sure you stop by 
your local homeless shelter
for people,
and leave them a pair of socks
or a can of soup--

Stay warm, everybody!
But don't forget the creatures out there
not as lucky as you!

with love,



Friday, January 21, 2011

winter time blues (we want an iPad!)

It is so cold where we live. . . 
and we are
so bored.

I've even taken to looking
for a good book to read.

they're all 
pretty boring.

And then I heard about this--
iPad games for cats!

Now our BigTwoLeggedOne
has a Mac,
but she needs
an iPad.

Then she could leave me alone
all day long, 
and I'd be just fine!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just checking in

Hey friends!
We hope you're fine!
These cold winter days
have really only been good
for a couple things.

We've been kind of hibernating,
and this has allowed 
the Big Two Legged One
the opportunity to actually catch us
sleeping on the same futon

. . . and when we're not sleeping,
we're getting
(oh, yeah, right there, that's good ---

yeah, I like that too . . . .
oh, yeah, that too ---


Do you think you're stopping??!!!

Well, the heck with you!
I'm outta here--

Hey, what about me?
I'm over here  . . .

(you can scratch me,
right here,
right under
my chin. . . )

Stay warm, everyone!
See ya again soon!
Pişi and Squeak--

Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't Stress Me Out!

check it out:
according to the Washington Post,
a recent study at
Ohio State University
beyond a somewhat reasonable doubt
that stress makes cats sick!

Follow the link above for more info --
and then stop buggin' me, will ya?

Squeak Does the Wash (more or less)


I sat down to take an innocent little bath

and the Big-Two-Legged-One suggested
that I do her laundry!

Well, I just can't tolerate such disrespect for my dignity --

I, on the other hand,
think Ol' Fluffy
should just get into that machine,
and then I'll turn it on!

Yeah, in your dreams --

This is a new contraption
for the BTLO
to have in the house,
and we've both contemplated
getting into it,
but in this place,
ya' gotta watch your back --

Hope you're well!

with love
Pişi and Squeak

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smithsonian Cheetah Cubs

(related story: )

We may be the last
two cats on earth
to hear
about this successful
cheetah birth
in captivity,

but we wanted to share:
we wish
they weren't in captivity,
but we are also really happy for this zoo,
and these mom-cheetahs,
for these successful births!

hello baby cheetahs!

P & S

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Adventures

Yes, it's true
our holiday has been
a little exciting, 
since we're visiting family.
Again, we have to dodge
the Three-Year-Old

But he is mastering
the art of
petting gently.

Our problem this year
is the visiting
Shih Tzu.

We actually don't mind
dogs all that much,
but this guy is
another story completely.

So we're laying low,
and looking forward
to going home tomorrow!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

til later,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from Pişi and Squeak

Well, dear readers and friends,
it's been a stressful couple
of weeks.

We've been traveling a bit,
and experiencing the challenges of 
the Three-Year-Old
and a multitude of

Perhaps the most disorienting 
is this one--
a moving and shaking
baby Pterodactyl:

Everyone should have one.

The other threat to our comfort
and vacation has been 
a terrifying Shih Tzu,
photos to follow.

In fact, I think
I hear him right now.
So we'd better flee,
and hide--
in the meantime,
let us please wish you
a very happy & healthy

with love from
Pişi and