Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bassett Hound needs a home in Connecticut

This here Bassett Hound's name is Alfie,
and he's somewhere in Connecticut
and he needs a home.

You see, for some god-forsaken reason,
our Big Two Legged One is finding Basset Hounds to be quite cute.

This is worrying.

You see, 
it appears to me that
Basset Hounds might eat cats.

They look like they could eat me!

But wait,
then again,
look at this--

doesn't she look like perfect Basset Hound food
to you?

Oh, yeah, Bon Appetit, Mr. Hound!
You can come stay for supper, at least!

~ ~ 

Hold on there, Fluffy!
I am not going to provide a meal for a Basset Hound!

And furthermore, you Furr-Ball,
I absolutely advocate the way 
the BTLO is currently using our crappy little blog
to find a home for a dog in New York City!
I, as a former stray in Ankara, (not Ankara, New York, but rather, Ankara, Turkey!)
think that's pretty darned awesome!

You see, I was really pretty pissed at her when she kept me in that apartment there,
but now I know that I couldn't have gone back out
into those streets.
I had experienced the flavor of sleeping on a couch.
I would have been eaten alive!

So she kept me, even though I was the Biggest Bitch Alive.

I now know, and I must confess,
it makes me green with envy,
that she's done this before --
taken in us misfitty cats that no one wants.
In fact, I hear tell that she once too in a real doozy
of a cat when she was living in New York City.
I'm supposed to look a lot like that Other cat.

Notably, too, we all kind of end up liking her.

So here I am to tell you that
she's not going to get a Basset Hound,
but she thinks this Alfie is pretty cute,
and if she can help get him a home, she will!
(As a former pet-owning New Yorker,
the BTLO is a great advocate of a blog called
which attempt to find homes for dogs
in the Big Apple.)

In fact, while we're at it,
here are a couple other dogs available around 
New York City,
all their info (and the originals of these pictures)
can be found at the Foster Dogs link, given above!

This is Newton, the 12 year old Cocker Spaniel,
who needs a home and very definitely likes cats!

And here's Tyler, 
a very handsome Bulldog:

(Now, there is a dog that eats cats!)

Besides here's some pretty good evidence that
a Basset Hound might not only like a cat,
but actually share in cats' very favorite activity:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Walking The Cat

This film reminds Pişi of the one time
The Big Two Legged One
tried to walk her on a leash
in Istanbul.

(Yeah, imagine something sort of like this
on a busy street in Istanbul. . . )

(with gratitude, again, to

Hope you all had a great Easter!

Hi folks,


No, I wanted to say hi first!

Well, consider this a together hi,
since we so rarely get caught on camera
in the same place at the same time.

Yes, it's true:

we are not a couple of cats that like to cuddle together.

We spent a lot of time together, though,
over the past few days,
because with went to see
the Grandmother-Big-Two-Legged-One,

which meant spending time in a different house,
where I really need to hang out with Squeak a lot;
she kind of lets me know when it's safe to travel.
Remember, I can't hear at all,
so this makes it hard for me to know
when something might be coming
around the corner.

Here's Squeak, scoping out the dangerous canine resident of that house:

Scary, isn't it?

(Actually we think Squeak is bigger than the dog!)

We promise,
we'll be seeing a lot more of you,
and you'll see more of us,
very soon!

Hope everyone's having a sunny Spring!

love from
Pişi and Squeak

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleeping Spring Saturday

Hello dear friends,

it's not that we're avoiding you,

rather, it's that the BTLO

has been avoiding us.

So we've decided to do something radical,

like sit on the same couch together:

As you can, see, this isn't a terrifically comfortable position
for either of us.

But we thought that if we did this, and made just enough room
for our Human
to settle herself,
right in between us,
she would.

And guess what?

She did!

But as you can see, she's editing herself

out of these photos, sometimes I think

she substitutes us for her.

Quite frankly,

we think we're better looking then her.


Sometimes she's kind of cute, especially when she's relaxed.

And she keeps promising that soon,

very soon,

she'll be home much more often.

We can't wait!

In the meantime, 

we sit around contemplatively,

catching whatever sun we can.

We hope you're well,


With love,

from Pişi and Squeak

Monday, April 4, 2011

Confessions of a Sock Stealer

Here's a very recent video on YouTube
about a guy with a sock problem.

But then we found this video, of a far more sophisticated sock thief,
with a very cute voice (a bit like Squeak's!)

Who in the end is the better sock stealer???

Saturday, April 2, 2011

ah, the things you can do with an iPhone

Well, these little videos
will never go viral,
but it's amazing 
what can be done
with an iPhone.
And a 3G one,
at that.

So here I am, Pişi, the Queen of Everything,
at my leisure:

. . . and again:

(Oh, yes, that is the BTLO who I am monopolizing;
as you can see, along with having Two Legs,
she also has Two Very Useful Hands.

in the kitchen,
Squeak is contemplating 
an open window:

(Make up your mind, will ya?)

We really hope everyone is fine out there!
We've been having some pretty monotonous weeks,
with our Human so busy with her work and all.

Or at least that's what she tells us.

But Spring is coming,
and we can't wait!  She'll be home and
at our beck and call

love to all,
Pişi and Squeak