Sunday, June 29, 2014

One Year Later . . . .

If by some odd chance
you have been wondering
whatever became
of two cats named
Pişi and Squeak,
well, the best answer to that question is:

they got a year older.

Furthermore, they both have taken up piano lessons:

As you might guess, Squeak is making more progress, as she is able to remain awake long enough
to complete her scales.

She is quite proud of herself.

Our dear Pişi has passed the sixteen year old mark,
we think.  Given your dubious origins,
we can't be sure exactly how old
the dear old girl

She sleeps an awful lot.

But all the same, the two girls are well, and are delighted to see
their blog still lives.

They'd like to come visit you again.

And they will.

So hello dear world. 

We'll be back soon. . . . 

with love,