Monday, December 24, 2012

The Frozen Tundra

So, I thought I'd take off across the frozen tundra
to see what's out there. .  . .

Hmmm. . . what's this?

I think I'll eat it.

Well, that's enough of that.
Time to go back in and really eat something.

Yes, I will eat next to her (the Squeakster)
as long as there's a wall between us.
(In fact, when the Big Two Legged One is not around,
we're very cordial.  This morning,
she caught us nuzzling each other
in a good morning kiss.
Don't tell anyone!)

And Merry Christmas to all our friends out in cat land!

with love,
Pişi and Squeak

Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Old Favorite

. . . having gotten past the stress of the End of Time,
we can now get on to partying.

So let us please post an old favorite
Christmas song:

Two shopping days to go!  Are you ready?

with love,
Pisi and Squeak

Friday, December 21, 2012

. . . this is what we have to say about the End of Time

(One of our human's Facebook friends posted this.
Don't know where she got it. 
But we like it a lot!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Watching The World Go By

We're not even going to make excuses for our long silence.

Just blame it on the human.

Hopefully, now that she's on Christmas break,
we'll be able to be here more often.

But in the mean time, let me share what I've been doing:

Just watching

You may wonder what a house cat with porch privileges can have to watch, well,
just look closely.  Can you see what I see?

Let's get a little closer:

There he is!  My friend, the Black Cat!

Hope all our other cat friends in Cyber Land are doing well!

 With love,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mid-day Nap

We are kind of upset
about our BTLO (Big Two Legged One aka: Human).

She has been far too busy for her own good.

We don't even wake up anymore when she walks in the house

But we think of our cat blogging friends often,
and we wanted to say
hello ~
we miss you!

And we hope you're all fine.

With love,


Squeak and Pisi

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jumping Cats, Video

we're sorry we're not appearing in person,
but we found this video
thanks to our friend over in Arbroath ~ ~

We'd like to say it's abusive to cats,
it appears these cats are abusing themselves a bit.

Ah, well, there's a reason we have nine lives

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Word Verification

Hi folks,
Squeak here.

We really do like to hear from our friends in blog land,
and a few weeks ago, one of our friends told us
that they found Word Verification
to be very difficult.

So we took it off.

Well, I'll tell ya,
we started getting some really strange stuff,
and I just didn't like it.

So I put Word Verification back on.

We really do want to hear from you,
and we hope you'll still write,
even if it means you have to identify one of those wacky words.

Have a great week,
even if you don't write and say hi!


Winter Is Coming

. . . . and look at the condition of our porch:
the awning is gone!

But I'm resolved to stay here
as long as I can!

Happy first week of October to everyone!

with love from Pisi

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yummy Yellow Flowers

yam yam yam yam yam yam yam

Who, me?

No -- i wasn't eating the flowers!

Hope you're all having a great Beginning of the Week!

with love,
from Pisi

Monday, September 3, 2012

Catching Up With Squeak

Well, some folks think that I just lie around and do nothing

or keep our Big Two Legged One's Desk Chair warm
(she keeps telling me to get a job)

But actually, when I get a stringy thing in my sights,
the true tiger in me comes out.

Well, I should say,
the tiger kitten in me comes out:

You'll note, my "toy" is a little buddhist peace flag
that the BTLO got in the mail.
As one of her friends says,
I send out little peace notes whenever I send it flying,
which is why, I think, I like to play with it.

Happy September to all our friends
from Pişi and Squeak,
with a special call out to our
teacher friends returning to work!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


In response to our friend
Katnip Lounge's question
about us changing the name
of our blog, just because of Marmalade, we say

I, Pişi, am still the queen of this blog


I, Squeak, will leave home if she even tries to do that!

This is our blog, that's final.

We'll continue to write on it, too,
whenever she (our Big Two Legged One) sits down long enough
and gives us a chance!

We love our blogging friends, and we hope you're all doing well --

You'll be seeing more of us, too
(though she keeps grumbling about classes starting . .  .)

with love from

Pişi and Squeak

Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello friends,

We are really still here.

Our human has been thinking way too much lately  --

She's a teacher, you know, and getting ready to go back to school.

Also, she spends a lot of time in the gardens.

It appears there's another cat hanging out in the garden --

here he is.

His name is Marmalade:

We think he's kind of handsome,
but we sure hope mom doesn't bring him inside.

There's a neighbor who feeds him --

but he sure likes our house --
What will happen in winter???

Hope everyone's having a good August

with love
from Pisi and Squeak

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cooked Meat

Why is Pisi saying
when she follows me around,
even after she has eaten?

Is she asking me to feed her again?

I beg to differ; she's actually asking me to feed
myself.  She is, after all,
domesticated.  And
in the cat world, "domesticated" means
to prefer ones meat
especially over an open fire.

Because that's how it was cooked
aeons ago when
the first brave feline took the step -- 
or should I say,
the first hungry feline took that step 
into that huddle of men,
that circle of fire,
and chose to not attack
but rather accepted
                                          the rules, and in accepting
                             the rules, received
Cooked Meat.  

Cooked Meat? the first brave cat or two meowed
and then ate some more
and liked it.
And once into cooked
meat, there was no
turning back.

My cat, Pisi, might I note, is a 
frontier cat, a border 
not content with mice 
or just one street corner.
That's why she's with me.

Now, that primitive connoisseur cat invited other cats
like itself to dine with her, and gradually,
they all joined the human coterie,
and in joining
-- and surviving -- 
developed an innate sense memory to find
Cooked Meat.  Smell
sense and sound sense and 
sight sense and sixth sense, the cat 
knows the meat is cooking and awaits
its arrival, patiently.  Obediently.  After
a few generations, the cats become
programmed to believe that
Cooked Meat is the only ticket
to survival.  So

my meowing evening cat, following me
from every task to every task except 
cooking meat, is not demanding more
cat food, but rather expects that since I give her
meat even when she doesn't ask for
Meat, she'd much prefer I just
Cook Meat.   Cook Meat! is what she says, not
"cat food."  She wants
Cooked Meat.  And once I
Cook Meat, and Share Meat,
she is replete, and if I'm 
good, she might even let me
pet her,
brush her,
tame her.

My cat Pisi, plucked early in life
from Ankara's cat-killing streets,
learned fast.  Domestication appealed
when she knew the wild would 
turn her into
Raw Meat.  So she said, pass the
Cooked Meat, and keep it coming!  And she has traveled for miles
with me because I give it
to her,
even when she doesn't ask.

The domestic cat, like any
domesticated creature
requires consistency.  She
wants the meat everyday,  or else
she'll eat your ankle.

Take heed:
the cats

Friday, July 6, 2012

hanging out with Pişi and Squeak

So, we've found that when it comes to this porch space,
we're best off getting along.

Sort of,

Our Big Two-Legged One gets really mad when we fight
out here.  

So, the BTLO wants us to show off her impatiens.
She's really excited about them, because she grew them
from seeds.
So here they are:

She didn't grow the begonias from seed,
but she did get them to live through the winter.

I'm telling you,
she's a little obsessive.

But I still kind of like her.

Hope you're all staying very cool!

Monday, July 2, 2012

On The Porch with Pişi and Squeak

What do you mean we can't be out here in the winter?

Happy sun to all our blogging kitty friends!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Henri Le Chat Noir

We are,
if you haven't figured out already,
very discerning cats.
And Squeak, in particular, is in a state of near constant 

So when we discovered Henri le Chat Noir,
we felt we'd found a new level of cat video,
one that spoke to our inner most beings.

So, now for our cat blogging friends
(if you haven't seen them already):

feel despair
with Henri:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pisi's addiction

Oh, my goodness
what's this?

'nip?  Oh, yummy!!!!

I'm lovin' it!

. . . and look, I think I found more!!

I think I'm wasted . . . . but as happy as a deaf cat can be!