Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Haircut Squeak


something's going on here.

It appears old Fluffy went and did it again:

she went and got a hair cut.

It ALWAYS freaks me out:

she leaves all fluffy and stinky,

and comes back smelling a little bit 

like an old lady after her bath,

and looking like this:

It's really freaky!
I mean, seriously, now

look at that tail--

I'm telling you, it's just weird.
And it always freaks me out!

The way I (Miss Squeak, aka: Beyaz)  look at it is this:

When I get into one of these boxes,
I end up in
one of three places:
1. the vets -- haven't been there for awhile, thank godness!
2.  The BTLO's mother's house, which I also call
"Kitty Nirvana."  it has the most awesome
screened in back porch
3.  the hairdresser.

Today, it was the hairdresser.
And I LOVE the hairdresser.

If only because, once I get home,

ol' Pişi is scared of me
for at least 36 hours,
and I get the entire house
to myself!

What else could a girl ask for?
Except, perhaps
that nice piece of mahi mahi 
the BTLO ate for dinner --

 (In the meantime, I'm just going to stay in here,
with the plants. . . .)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Squeak, pre-haircut

Squeak here.
The rumor is:
I'm going
for my spring haircut

Oh, I do hope they do a good job.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kitten Huffing

Kitten Huffing via Uncyclopedia

it's very important for us to note
that our particular human
(aka: The Big Two-Legged One)
is really very kind to us,
she has a very strange sense of humour,
that could make her sort of
among the cat bloggers of the world.

Like this

You have to follow the link
to find out what
which is,
absolute nonsense,
and now, 
somewhat to our dismay,
our Big Two Legged One
desperately wants 
to write an article 
for UnCyclopedia.

Hope this gives you a giggle,
and doesn't offend you too much.. . . 

Equal Time to Basset Hounds

. . . and once we got on this Basset Hound kick,
we started looking around to see
how well this breed gets along
with cats.

It appears to us
that the cats tend to dominate:


. . . and we love the way this cat
takes a bath in the middle of its encounter with the dog!:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Space Cat, by Ruthven Todd

On Mushrooms?

Boy, we'd love to read this book!

(with thanks to

The Windows Are Open!

Well, there I was,
sleeping away
in my usual way,
when I got this extraordinary odor
of fresh air!

The windows were open!!

What joy!  What bliss!
And now for an important cat factoid:
humans think the first sign of spring
is crocuses;
well, for cats,
especially indoor cats,
the first definite sign
that spring is coming
is when the windows get opened up
and all that delicious air
comes rushing in!

Happy Days to You

Oh, and enjoy that Super Moon tomorrow!

with love
from Pişi and Squeak

Friday, March 11, 2011

brush me!

Well, I've been sitting by this brush for days now,
waiting for someone to brush me.

As you can see from the white hair embedded inside it, 
I rub up against it and brush myself
right under the chin.
I do have to give Shelly,
our great cat care person,
extra special credit
for taking such fabulous care of us
when the BTLO is away.
She is awesome;
in fact, Pişi and I suspect that Shelly
is really a cat in disguised
as a person.


But, I've just been waiting for that special someone to come home 
and give me a good brushing!

And here she is, finally!
And here we go:
In this photo, she's just holding that slicker brush,
and I'm rubbing my head against it,
which I love to do!

It's true, it's kind of hard
to take a picture and get brushed
at the same time,
but as you can see,
I'm smiling!

In fact, I'm so happy,
I'll give you a nice pose
before I go:

And now,
I'll just stick my nose
in this camera!

 See ya' later!
with love,
from Squeak

Friday, March 4, 2011

pssst pişi





is going away
for a few days.

And boy are we
going to miss her.

We won't be able to even
get near our blog~

We hope everyone is blog land is fine
and warm
this week~

with love
from Pişi and Squeak

Tuesday, March 1, 2011