Sunday, February 21, 2010

Should cats let their humans give them baths? - an editorial by Squeak

We prefer to take our own.
As you can see. . . . 

(Move these books!  I want my dinner!)
love to all 
from Squeak

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Flippy! post by Squeak

Took a little time off from napping today to watch the Olympics, and look at YouTube videos by my favorite Canadian--Check him out! 

"Life's a couch, and then you eat."
Happy Valentine's Day from Squeak!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beginning Turkish for Cats (by Pişi)

Merhaba cat friends!

It's true, I'm Turkish.  I've been told I meow with an accent, but I really don't know.  You see, I'm also deaf, but that's another story.

You'd think that big fluffy white thing would be Turkish.  Angora, or something like that.  People think she's Angora.  But I know she's no more than a street cat like me.

Today, I want to teach you just a little Turkish.  That way you'll know what my name means.

Pişi-Pişi - this is what they called me in Türkiye.  It doesn't mean anything, really.  Just like "Kitty Kitty."  This current human just kept calling me Pişi, and I really don't care what she calls me, just as long as she pets me.   She also calls me Minnoş, which I think is stupid.  But she doesn't want American veterinarians to write "Pissy" on my chart.  I respect that.  It's bad enough they put a skull and bones on my chart.  Minnoş means something like "sweet little thing" which is kind of funny.  I'm only sweet when you have something I want.  Like food or your lap or to get petted.

The other Turkish word on this blog is Fluffy's aka - "Beyaz."  It's kind of obvious what it means, but people in this country think it's soooo exotic.  It means "white."   But I call her Fluffy.  I call her a couple other things too, like Stinky and Stupid.

Wait til you see what she calls me.

Now, some other essential words:
yemek  - food.  I pronounce it "MEEEOOOWWWW"
su  - water.  I pronounce it "MMMRRROOOOWWWW!!"  (and I stand under the faucet in the bathtub, where it echos so loud even I can hear it.
kuzu - lamb.  Oh, I love my lamb.  I pronounce it "MMRECK?  MMRECK?"
et - meat.  I pronounce it "MRREEOOOOW"

Questions?  There's not much left you have to say, really.  Just sleep all the rest of the time.  Here I am, by the way, on my old balcony in Ankara. We do so many places, but you know, I always kind of wish we'd get in the car and end up back in Türkiye.

They say you shouldn't start a blog about your cats

But what if it's a blog actually produced by cats for cats? 

That's precisely what this is.

The two resident expert cats are

Squeak, aka Beyaz

Why aka?  Because all cats should have an aka!  In fact, all cats probably have many.

Credentials for writing on this blog:  she's a cat.  She's drop dead gorgeous but doesn't realize it.  She was actually named Cat Of The Day by this website: 

In fact, here's her profile, and you can clearly see she's had some tough times.  


Pisi, aka Minnosh

Credentials for writing on this blog: also a cat.  And deaf, too.  She was never named Cat of the Day, though she tried several times, then decided it was all just a scam anyone.  Everyone knows, after all, that she's Cat of Everyday.

Pisi was born in the streets of Ankara, Turkey, schmoozed her way into a human's life, moved back to the U.S.A. with her, and then moved around a bit before ending up having to share her house with the Beauty Queen.  She tolerates Squeak.

The deal is this:
each day an entry appears on this blog it will be authored by one of the above authors, both of whom have their own unique take on cat-dom.  And Humans too.

Today, they've let their scribe fill in for them, because they both really wanted to take a nap.

But they definitely approve of the idea of having a blog.