Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Porch

Well hello to all our friends
in virtual cat land!

Something pretty cool happened yesterday.
Our Big Two Legged One
is just a little paranoid about us going outside.
But she knows we both would love to enjoy our porch first hand.
Here it is:

So yesterday she took both of us out there,
one at a time.

Pişi just hung out on her lap--
she is after all, an old deaf kitty with bad balance.
And she stayed there for a long time,
until she bit the BTLO,
which is pretty much the best way the get thrown back inside.
(Pişi doesn't quite understand that --
she has a little behavior problem --


But then I, Squeak,
got outside and sat with the BTLO for a long time!
But I wanted to explore so I jumped down
and climbed right out to the gutter!
It was pretty cool until the gutter started to sag,
(I'm a very big girl you know; I weigh about 20 pounds),
so our BTLO got some treats and lured me back in.

But it was fabulous!

We know she's going to arrange the porch so we can stay out there longer,
and we are very excited about that!

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday with Squeak

All this fuss over Turkish cats,
and here I am,
your standard big-boned, furry American kitty.

I demand attention!

While ol' Pişi has been flipping out over the prospect
of other cats, which, quite frankly, I know won't happen,
I've just been biding my time.

I am the Other Cat,
and I know our BTLO 
loves us both --
why bring in another to rock the boat?

I mean, really.  Why would anyone
want another kitty when she has me?

Hope everyone's having a gorgeous day!
with love from

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pisi's Response

Here is what I have to say about another Turkish cat in my house!

Yes, I AM the queen of this house --

and no one else can come in here, 
not even a blood relative.
I'm on the look-out!

. . . . . and I say NO ONE!  Not any one!

That is, unless they want to feed me or pet me.

~ ~ ~

(She's not kidding.  But I have my ways of getting my way!)

With love from
Pisi &Squeak!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Cats of Ephesus

Well, we had promised about two weeks ago that our
Big Two Legged One would post
some of the cats she saw while traveling
in Turkey and Greece.

Here's the next installation
on that adventure:
The Cats of Ephesus:

. . . and now for a rare blog appearance from
the BTLO herself:

She asked this cat if it wanted to come home with her
(she does, after all, have experience bringing strays 
from Turkey to the U.S.A. -
see Pişi's Story for details)

What do you think the cat had to say in reply?
(Put it in the comments section, if you dare!)

With love,
Pişi & Squeak