Monday, January 24, 2011

feral cat care in the winter

we know we've written about this before,
but where we live 
yesterday's high was about
4 Fahrenheit.

Since Pişi herself
was once a 
"feral cat," 
we have some pretty strong feelings
about taking care of our fellow felines,
who, by their own choice or the choice of some human,
have been fated to live out this life

We found a couple really neat websites
that gave some advice on keeping our cousins
warm and safe.
The link given above describes a couple
really neat shelter ideas,
including one where you use
solar swimming pool covers 
to attract and retain heat.

This link is another site
full of great ideas on building shelters
(this one above is built
out of a Rubbermaid Storage Container)
and other really practical ideas
for those chilly kitties.

And both before and after
you're finished building your feral cat shelter,
make sure you stop by 
your local homeless shelter
for people,
and leave them a pair of socks
or a can of soup--

Stay warm, everybody!
But don't forget the creatures out there
not as lucky as you!

with love,




Katnip Lounge said...

We will check the links out...we are feeding a stray kitty at our house, he showed up last Fall and Daddy built him a house with a heated bed to sleep in. Most of us are strays so we know how hard life is on the outside.

Kea said...

The mom has a Rubbermaid shelter on our front step, but the feral she's feeding every day doesn't use it. She doesn't know where he goes, poor boy, but he must have found decent shelter somewhere, because he doesn't (yet) seem to be frostbitten. The mom is going to see if he can be trapped and neutered/released in the spring, when the weather's warmer. (It's been about -30 to -33 Celcius here today.)

We're all adoptees...Nicki was found as a feral kitten at 8 to 10 weeks old (approx), Annie was a stray, Derry and his sibs were found at 4 to 5 weeks. So we all started out having a rough life, but are lucky now!

Makropoulos said...

Hey Kea,
We hope these links help. We don't have any feral cats around right now, that we know of! Living on a second floor makes it even harder to connect with our buddies on the ground. . .

Thanks so much for helping take care of them!