Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feline Acne

Dangerous Minds posted this,
and we are

Please note:
don't pop your cats zits!
And don't use

^^  ^^  ^^  ^^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Cartoon Interlude (Top Cat)

Why are there so few dramatic roles left

for cats?

Please note:

I am the 

Cat Woman From Outer Space:

. . . and this is what I

have to say 

about that:

Friday, September 24, 2010

This animal is not pure cat. . .

It's true:
she's been holding us bondage again,
but she's promising
a new cat entry

In the meantime,
be amused
by this woman
and her cat,

(Moe, no doubt because of his hair-cut)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cat News

we are ecstatic
but sad:
we just discovered THIS
this glorious 
media hero
Smiley Muffin.

What has become of her
and her 
Cat New?
Only a few episodes exist:

appears to be the original site
for these.

It seems to us 
that someone
has to maintain
the brilliance.

Doesn't Smiley look like me?
Doesn't she?
Doesn't she?
Oh, I'd love to do the news!

You can count me
That looks like
far too much

Monday, September 13, 2010

We love this Ikea Commercial

. . . and to think nothing got broken!

(with thanks to The Cat's Meow)

Here's the production video!
We wanna do this!

P & S

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Silent Party With Pişi

Just playin' around
with the BTLO. 
We just wish
we had a better camera,
with sound!
(These were taken on a small
Nikon digital):

. . . . get a new camera, ma. . .
I'm outta here!

later, folks!
with love from

Friday, September 10, 2010

. . . . queen of the living room . . . .

Pişi here.
Again, we've been away for a little while.
The BTLO has been
"for a living,"
she says, then points to that
cat food
she insists on giving me.

That's right: she feeds me,
cat food!
Can you believe it?
The Queen of the Living Room
and other domains,
a small pathway to the Litter Box,
which happens to be in the one room
where I'll let Fluffy peacefully sleep
all the time.

^^  ^^   ^^   ^^

Yeah, tell me about it.

Her Psycho-Highness
is so gracious as to let me
sleep next to the shit.
Bless her little

The funny thing, though,
is that the
who I sometimes actually like,
has made me the most
scrumptuous bed
in the room where we also
relieve ourselves.
It's so comfy
that it's really the 
only place I want to be.

Unless, of course,
Yours Truly,
the QofLR,
is sleeping.

Than I just do whatever the heck
I want to do

To tell you the truth,
I've been a little worried about
ol' Psycho Kitty:
she's been sleeping under that blue chair
an awful lot.

Sometimes I think
she doesn't feel all that

Sometimes I go and check on her.

I mean, she really is
kind of sad
and lonely
and I know she wouldn't
hear a meow.

In fact, 
I've taken to just opening
my mouth
when I'm around her,
because I know she can't hear me

If I open my mouth and squint
a certain way,
she seems to understand.
And brother,
you should hear the noise she makes.

If she could hear herself, she'd think twice
before making that noise.

But I've come to understand
she thinks we're both talking
at the same volune,
which is funny, since
I'm talking so softly,
and she's talking so

We balance out,
in a funny way.

In a funny way,
I like her.

P & S

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CMTV (Cat Music TV)

Is this cat abuse?

Or is it true artistry?

Did the groovy glasses, though

. . . we just hope
Big Two Legged One
doesn't get any ideas 
off of this one. . . 

more soon

P & S

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Cats Have Feelings Too

(. . . . we found this picture with "Stumble!" but it just came up as a picture.)

We found this picture above, and at least one other great picture
of our large cousins the Tiger
and we really wanted to just share them,
because they were really cool.

We also found this blog called
devoted to saving
exotic cats in Florida,
and we thought it was
pretty darned neat. 

Check it out if you're interested.
You know, 
it's just that we can relate:
it's bad enough for little cats like us
to be taken as pets and left cooped up
or otherwise taken from our
true environment.

It's even worse when you're a Big Cat.

 ^^  ^^   ^^