Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To Deal With A 3 Year Old, or: How I Spent My Thanksgiving

So there I was, minding
my own business,
enjoying this lovely
on this lovely
rocking chair,
when suddenly,
there he was:

The Three Year Old

You would think he
would want
to bother

but noooo

Not only did he want
to be with me,

he also

wanted to

He walked around
"I'm Pişi! I'm Pişi!"
and then
he'd meow
and hiss.

I tried
at him,
but that only made him
want to be me
even more.

I never once
saw him
bother ol'
oh, I should say

You know, I should tell you:
I actually have
another name for her.
that is.
is only vaguely aware that I,
Pişi, have renamed
Fluffy, and her other name
isn't Fluffy.
Though I do call her that sometimes.
But other times, I call her
It's a Turkish name.
It means:
very white.
You know, sometimes

she seems
so white to me,
she disappears.

ol' Beyza
had a grand old time over Thanksgiving,
and I had the delight
of entertaining
a Three Year Old
who thought he was me,
when he didn't think he was
a Tiger.

My solution:
Just keep right on

he would go away. . . .

But we both got plenty
of turkey,
and we got all
of the giblets.
What else can you ask for?

with love,
Pişi and Squeak (aka: Beyza/aka: Fluffy)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cat Blogosphere!

shshshshshsh She's sleeping


we'll I just have to tell you

both yours truly and I

were just delighted yesterday when,

at a most opportune time,

when we were both kind of depressed

and feeling like no one loved us,

we went to check out our blog.

We're all

kind of frustrated that the Stats thing isn't working.

So, we all

go to the blogs,

to see if we can detect any new action,

and what do we see?

17 new cat blog buddies

saying hi!

on our blog!

Well. . . . we are purrrfectly


We want to say hello!!!!

to all our new friends at

We are really thrilled to have all these new feline friends!

And to be part of a community of cat lovin' humans, too

It could take us a little while

before we figure out how to work being in that community,

but we're eager to find out how!

But Thanksgiving's coming up,

and BTLO is really busy these days.

Still, we're around!

Tomorrow, we're headed towards

Kitty Nirvana.

I'll send pictures as soon as we get there,

but the rumor is:

there will be a three-year-old there!


Yeah, one of the topics she and I both

agree on

is the one of three-year-old humans.

We try to avoid the kid

at first,

because he's almost four.

Which means he actually isn't

so afraid any more.

Now, when it comes to scaring away



has the far better M.O.

Me, I'm just fluffy and pretty

and everyone

wants to pet me,

especially the three-year-old,

who has a stuffed cat that looks

just like me.

Wish me luck

Oh, and

Have a really great Thanksgiving!

with love,

from Pişi & Squeak!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chicken Soup Kind of Day

Well, let us tell ya'

it's been a chicken soup kind of day.

And if we can wake up for it,
we might get to lick the bowl.

but it's been such a nice day to just sleep.

Maybe we both caught a bit of the illness
that the BTLO has had.
Yeah, she's been sick,
which is actually great 
for the two of us,
because that means she's been at home!
And when she's home,
we both get equal time,
and we don't fight hardly at all,
and we get brushed,
and lots of treats
and lap time.

It's been pretty tough for her lately;
she's been working a lot,
and doesn't have much time
for blogging,
which is what she'd rather be doing.
We know that.
We know she's just
the happiest human
when she can sit home and write.

as she says,
she has to pay for all that fancy
cat food
she gets us.

She does get some pretty good cat food for us, too.

But we've had a few really happy,
while the BTLO
has been sick as. . . 
(why do people always say
"sick as a dog?")
. . . a human.

And we've been getting to eat
the leftover chicken soup,
and sleep
and meditate.

with love,
Pişi & Squeak

Sunday, November 14, 2010

long cat. . . .

Well, it's been awhile.
No excuses;
we could blame it on
the Big Two Legged One,
but honestly,
we've just been sleeping a lot.

Pişi sleeps a bit more than I do.
She is getting older.
Sometimes I walk up to her
and sniff her,
just to make sure she's still

I'm telling you, when she's asleep, she's really out of it,
and it can be hard to tell.

I was just going to walk over
and take a picture of her
on her multitude of beds,
and wouldn't you know it,
she woke up:

We have these beds all over the house.
BTLO bought two for me,
but the minute she brings one home,
ol' stinky up there moves in on it,
fills it with her scent,
and then I really don't want to sleep in it.

I just flop down where ever I can.

. . . and then there's the matter of my size.
Two of our other human friends,
Joanne & Erin,
say I'm not fat, I'm "poofy,"
and I really prefer that interpretation
of my expanding girth,
but you've all seen me when I'm shaved:
I'm not that fat.


But I am big.
Bigger than the average female cat.
After I moved in with
when I was two,
I kept growing,
so now I take up a fair amount of room
on a couch or a bed, or even a floor.

Mom -- woops, I mean the BTLO --
has just about decided
I'm pure Maine Coon,
an assessment I'll go along with.
At the very least,
I have royal blood.

So this only means I was all the more interested
when I learned of this boy-cat
named Stewie,
the longest cat in the world,
a Maine Coon who measures in
at 4 feet long.
Here he is
and a story about him:

Now, I don't know about you, but I think
he's one hot boy cat.

I love his face.

I'm putting pictures of him
inside my travel case,
where I do sleep sometimes,
because no one bothers me there.

No one.

Not even the BTLO, because
she thinks I'm afraid of the travel case,
when actually 
I've come to like it,
because most of the time,
when I get shoved into it,
I come out again in one of two
of my favorite places --
my groomer (I love getting groomed!)
or the BTLO's mom's house, aka: Kitty Nirvana.

So I go to sleep in it,
hoping when I wake up,
I'll be in one of those places.

But for now, I think I'll crash
on the couch.

See ya later,