Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sharing the sun

It's coming less and less these days,

the sun, that is,

so we don't fight too much if we find a patch of it:

. . . . 

and, I want to wish our Big Two Legged One 
a really happy birthday!

Hope everyone is finding a little sun out there!

love from

Pişi and Squeak!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Posing

The Girls are feeling fine, because
the BTLO has been spending
plenty of time with us.

Here I am,
looking beautiful,

,  and Pişi, as usual,
getting into trouble:

We sure hope we have
more nights like this one!

love to all,




Monday, September 19, 2011

Someone To Watch Over Me

what do we do
when the Big Two Legged One
is off at work?

she sleeps,

and I sleep,

and believe it or not,
we stay pretty close together.

It's a funny thing:
it's as if Squeak knows
I can't hear,
and when I wake up afraid that I'm alone,
I discover
she's there --

. . . she's really not that bad,
after all.

with love to all
from Pişi
(and Squeak)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Desperately Seeking Advice From Fellow Blogging Cats --

This is kind of funny:
our Big Two Legged One
has walked into her bedroom for the past two nights in a row,
and despite the fact I was right there on her bed,
she didn't see me.

Actually, I was lying down flat on her quilt,
and perhaps I looked like I was part of it.

What do you think?

I think she's got her mind on too much other stuff,
and not me!


We most definitely have a problem.

How can we get her attention?

She seems to be way too preoccupied with work!
They've made her department chair,
and this just isn't very good
for her resident felines.

We welcome suggestions from the cat world
on how to get the BTLO's attention squarely back
where it belongs:

on US!

In the meantime,
I'm just going to stay on this here bed. . . . 

Can you help us????

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Night

I just don't get it.
Sometimes I go to sleep and the BTLO is here,
and when I wake up, the BTLO is not here.

Sometimes she's not here when I go to sleep,
but when I wake up she's here!

I just don't know how to control that human anymore.

Well, I'll tell ya' what --

our human has a job that I'd call . . 
seasonal --
She teaches at a university.

And it's been the beginning of the school year for her!

So I understand why she hasn't been letting us blog so much.

And I've decided to start hanging out on her bed because
she shows up here pretty regularly.

Hope everyone is well in Cat Blog Land!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cat In a Hot Carpeted Attic

Look at those flowers out there.
They're just going to town,
and all their budding keeps distracting me 
from my work as a budding dramatist.

But here I am:
and as you can see, I've been putting a dent
into this Playwright's Workbook.

The primary subject of my study is
your's truly --


Now every good playwright knows
you need some conflict,
so I make it a point, 
to chase her up the stairs --

That's her version of the story.
This is Squeak here, and I'm here to tell you:
she doesn't chase me --
I go upstairs on my own, 
to avoid her version of conflict.

Uh oh,
here she comes:

She wants conflict?

Here, I'll give it to her --

The Zen of Squeakness.
I don't move.
I dare her to try to create conflict!

O.K. Fine.
So I'll do a historical play.
Something about cats in the Ottoman Empire. . . . .