Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween From Pişi and Squeak


we would never let

the Big Two Legged One

put a costume on us,

but we like some of the Mean Kitty's:

And here are some more:

Happy Halloween To All!!!

with tricks and treats


Pişi and Squeak

Friday, October 29, 2010

Send Roses Next Time

she actually thought 
this crummy vase full of flowers
would subdue me,
after weeks of being silenced
The Big Two Legged One's
she tries to make up for it
with these flowers?

what would 
say to that?

Luckily, I currently have control
of the keyboard
and I'm trying very hard
to be witty.

But things in our part of the world
have getting kind of chilly
and lazy,
and much of the time
the best thing to do
is sleep.

But every now and then,
like the other night,
something exciting rolls in.
We had one
heck of a storm;
the BTLO
was outside,
in the wind
trying to light a fire
(a quest I was wholly in support
given that she had this gorgeous piece
of kuzu,
my favorite meat,
and she was planning to slap it on 
those hot charcoals,

but instead --
change of plan:
the wind picked up,
the sky went dark,
everything started flying:
BTLO's beer.

We ended up eating
salmon, baked
but that wasn't so bad.

And yes, 
if you're wondering
about our friend Fluffy,
she's still here, still
thinking that Sunshine Award we received
was just for her.

I just realized something:
I haven't said 
a darned thing
that was witty.

Just being a kitty,
catching up
with her peeps
and distant
cat relatives.

Oh, look at this beautiful sky:

This was taken from our
second floor
observation point --
she calls it a
I call it my
lookout point.

Kinda pretty, huh?

with love,
and Squeak

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sunshine Award!

Holy Cats!

Someone has honored us!

We received a Sunshine Award

from our friend

Debra (She Who Seeks)

and we are

very, very flattered!

And it worked!

It brightened up

an otherwise

rather gloomy hum-drum stuck-inside-the-house cat day.

We will definitely pass
on the sunshine--

This weekend.

We Promise!

In the meantime, 

Thank You!

Have a Happy Day!

with love from




Sunday, October 17, 2010

Uh, oh, send messages to convince her. . .

. . . .  not to get one of these:

Our Big Two Legged One occasionally
gets really fascinated with
Serval Cats.

We'll both leave home if she gets one. . . .

Saturday, October 16, 2010

demanding equal time

You know,
there's a certain point in every cat's life
when she has to really 
take a stand,
demand attention,
. . . . 
insist that she get blog time.

you know,
the Big Two Legged One is just so obsessed
with that 
other blog.

And it's very difficult when you're a cat,
and your paws are too big
to type.

I mean, honestly,
it's not like I have much to say,
but this blog
has been silent
way too long

What's my explanation?
Well, the Big Two Legged One,
when not working on
the Other Blog,
has been working like a dog--
she comes home every night
and works more,
the Stinky Deaf One
and I
for lap time.

It's very hard for me, you know,
since I can hear,
I would like a little 
TLC myself.

But the ugly fact is:

got so used to being with
a cat with broken ears
that she sits around making
no sound at all.

And my illustrious,

-- yeah, that one --

gets the run of everything.

Since she's deaf,
there doesn't need to be
any sound.

I have to honestly tell you:
I sometimes wonder 
what she actually hears in her head.

I mean, seriously,
she just sits for hours,
she can even sleep when
the vacuum cleaner is on right next to her.

Does she hear nothing at all?

Or maybe she hears some old sounds
from when she was a kitten,
sounds like I've never heard
before, because
I've never been to Turkey.

In fact, 
my most recent
greatest adventure
was stalking
a salad

Oh, well,
it had no cheese in it.

You get what you can take,

I'll take this nice bed!

If you  have a few extra minutes,
check out this
very serious cat drama
I found on the internet

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.

I love cat romances --


Monday, October 11, 2010

defacing Cats.

. . . what we would really like to know 


why do people love

to overdub

the Cats characters

with different songs?

We posted one a while back that we liked a lot,

but, now,

isn't this getting a little crazy?

Yeah, some people
just have
too much time
on their hands!

with love 

Friday, October 1, 2010

another key board cat

A Dog Blog?!?!

yes, it's true

we've added a 


to the list of blogs

that we follow regularly.

But the two of us agree,

these folks deserve to be followed.

Their blog is:

Now, we both hate to admit it,


the BTLO has had several

other cats

before us,

most of them,
we've come to realize,

were saved cats,

like us.

The grandmommy of us all,

in terms of saved cats

was a foster kitty

from New York City.

If we can find her picture,

we'll post it.

Her name was Nevada,

and she was found

inside a wall,

with broken ribs.

Someone did her a great service and healed her,

and then the BTLO

adopted her.

And they lived pretty happily for awhile.


this site that we've added to our 

Blogs That We Follow

is for the Foster Dogs

of New York City.

May they all find great homes!!!

Cat Woman

As our mom would say:
that lady has one

Just goes to show:
when striving for true beauty,
everyone tries to
look like
a cat.