Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cat In a Hot Carpeted Attic

Look at those flowers out there.
They're just going to town,
and all their budding keeps distracting me 
from my work as a budding dramatist.

But here I am:
and as you can see, I've been putting a dent
into this Playwright's Workbook.

The primary subject of my study is
your's truly --


Now every good playwright knows
you need some conflict,
so I make it a point, 
to chase her up the stairs --

That's her version of the story.
This is Squeak here, and I'm here to tell you:
she doesn't chase me --
I go upstairs on my own, 
to avoid her version of conflict.

Uh oh,
here she comes:

She wants conflict?

Here, I'll give it to her --

The Zen of Squeakness.
I don't move.
I dare her to try to create conflict!

O.K. Fine.
So I'll do a historical play.
Something about cats in the Ottoman Empire. . . . .


Marg said...

Good for you Squeak.You stand your ground and don't let that other cat push you around. Besides she is busy writing books. Take care and have a super day

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Don't you mean the Cattoman Empire?

Katnip Lounge said...

So THAT'S what The Horde is up to when they chase each other then disappear for hours! Also, all the pencils are missing...