Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chicken Soup Kind of Day

Well, let us tell ya'

it's been a chicken soup kind of day.

And if we can wake up for it,
we might get to lick the bowl.

but it's been such a nice day to just sleep.

Maybe we both caught a bit of the illness
that the BTLO has had.
Yeah, she's been sick,
which is actually great 
for the two of us,
because that means she's been at home!
And when she's home,
we both get equal time,
and we don't fight hardly at all,
and we get brushed,
and lots of treats
and lap time.

It's been pretty tough for her lately;
she's been working a lot,
and doesn't have much time
for blogging,
which is what she'd rather be doing.
We know that.
We know she's just
the happiest human
when she can sit home and write.

as she says,
she has to pay for all that fancy
cat food
she gets us.

She does get some pretty good cat food for us, too.

But we've had a few really happy,
while the BTLO
has been sick as. . . 
(why do people always say
"sick as a dog?")
. . . a human.

And we've been getting to eat
the leftover chicken soup,
and sleep
and meditate.

with love,
Pişi & Squeak


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm sure your healing purrs made her feel much better quickly. Look after your human!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope you woke up so you could lick the bowl. That soup looks yummy. Except for the carrots. The dogs can have the carrots.

The Island Cats said...

Hi there! Nice to meet you two! We're sorry the BTLO isn't feeling well, but at least being sick has its might get some chicken soup! YUM!!

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Hi Pisi and Squeak, we found out about your bloggy thru the Cat Blogosphere, so we thought we'd stop by and say HI!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Pee Ess ... Momma says the chicken soup looks soooo good, she could have used that earlier this week when she had a cold going on!

Sweet Praline said...

So nice to meet you. I heard about you through the Cat Blogosphere. Please feel free to drop by anytime.

Karen Jo said...

I found your link on the Cat Blogosphere and came over to say hi. I love to eat the noodles in chicken noodle soup, so I hope you got to lick the bowl. I hope that your BTLO gets well soon.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Hello there! We are very pleased to meet yoo! We heard abowt yoo through the Cat Blogosphere too.

We hope yoor momma feels better soon ~ purrs. The soup looks delishus!

AFSS said...

Hi, very nice to meet you. We got the mews from the Cat Blogosphere that there were new blogging kitties around.

Hope BTLO gets to feeling better soon. Our humans have been a bit under the weather so we know what you have been going through. Although we didn't get any chicken soup. That sounds really good. ~The cats, Artemisia, Scylla & Socks and Our doggie, Fenris

Marg said...

We came over from the cat blogosphere too. You sure have a nice blog here. We sure hope the BTLO gets better soon. That soup looks like it is going to make her feel much better. Take care and have a great Turkey week.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hi Pisi and Squeak
We came over to say hello when we heard about you on the cat blogosphere too. We have been blogging for quite a few months now and have made so many lovely new friends. When you have finished your chicken soup (we love chicken) and have plumped up your mum's pillows perhaps you would like to come over and see us.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Kea said...

Hi Pisi and Squeak! We found you via the Cat Blogosphere and came to say hi. We hope your human feels better soon. The soup looks yummy!

Laila and Minchie said...

Hi Pisi and Squeak! We also found you via the Cat Blogosphere.

OMC! I, Minchie, am also a Turkish Angora! I am the handsome one with the brown tabby and white markings. It's so wonderful to meet a fellow Turkie! My girlfriend, Baby Patches, over at, is also a Turkish Angora. You should check her blog out too.

We will be back to visit often!

Anonymous said...

We like to lick bowls too. Hope your human feels better soon.

The Crew said...

Hello girls, nice to meet you, and welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us some time.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty
The Crew

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hello ladies, it's nice to meet yoo!

Furkidsmom said...

We saw your blog on the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to come by and say hi.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Harry Spotter said...

Hello, we saw your blog on the CB and wanted to stop by to say hello.

A few Good Cats said...

We also heard about you from the Cat Blogosphere! It's good to know you, and we hope your human is feeling better soon.

Makropoulos said...

Meeeoowww! prrprrprrr---
Pisi's partying with delight right now over all the attention our blog has received. (She always makes Squeak do the grunt work.) Anyway, we are delighted to welcome all these new friends! So nice to meet you all! We will definitely stop by and visit all of your blogs. It may take us a little while, but we'll be by!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Pisi & Squeak