Wednesday, August 3, 2011

orchids & bee stings

Well, hello folks,
Pişi here,
reporting from orchid-side.

Our BTLO has been very proud
to have these orchids bloom --
she's been watering them for nearly two years,
and thought they'd never bloom again.
But look at this.

Pretty, eh?

She's so excited about it,
she's writing about them on both of her blogs.

We threatened to bite her
while she's sleeping
if she didn't write on our blog first,

Oh, no,

that idea of biting the BTLO while she's sleeping
was totally Pişi's idea.
I wouldn't bite her.
Our poor BTLO is suffering from another bite right now --
she was bitten, three times,
in the belly
by a yellow jacket bee,
and she just hasn't been very happy for the past couple days.

Not good for us!  She just itches herself,
and not us!

Hope she gets over it soon!


Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh noes! Do you know what, though? Just the other day my Human stole a bee right away from ME after I had it trapped between the window and the curtain! She actually had the nerve to SHOO ME AWAY and then open the window so it could fly away. I was really mad, but now that I read this.....hmmmm.
Hope your Human feels better soon. Oh, and that's a very nice flower!

Mr Puddy said...

Pişi , The orchid is so beautiful ! your mom is very patient !!! water Two year without flowers !!!! That paid the prize : )
and Ouch !!! for bee biting !! I purrs purrs for BTLO, I hope nothing serious, and I hope she feel better so soon

Fuzzy Tales said...

The orchids are stunning. We've never had any--the mom's not good with any plants except the very hardy ones that endure neglect. LOL.

We hope your human feels better soon, after being stung. Yikes!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hopefully the beautiful orchids will distract your BTLO from the itchy sting!