Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Cats of Ephesus

Well, we had promised about two weeks ago that our
Big Two Legged One would post
some of the cats she saw while traveling
in Turkey and Greece.

Here's the next installation
on that adventure:
The Cats of Ephesus:

. . . and now for a rare blog appearance from
the BTLO herself:

She asked this cat if it wanted to come home with her
(she does, after all, have experience bringing strays 
from Turkey to the U.S.A. -
see Pişi's Story for details)

What do you think the cat had to say in reply?
(Put it in the comments section, if you dare!)

With love,
Pişi & Squeak


The Island Cats said...

We think that kitty definitely wants to come home with her!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Are the cat colonies managed? TNR? At least being fed? We know care of non-humans is very different in other parts of the world. Probably that kitty would be in heaven to come home with your human! :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the idea of cats living among the ancient ruins of Ephesus! Although I do hope someone feeds/neuters them.

I think this little cat is saying "No thanks! I want to stay on my pedestal, soaking up the Mediterranean sun. The United States is too far away to go."

Makropoulos said...

When I brought Pisi back to the USA, I learned that any efforts to spay cats were done on an individual basis, and some of the vets were incompetent. (Follow the link below for "Pisi's story" and find out why she's deaf! It has to do with a botched spaying job!) People do feed the cats, but in a place like Ephesus, they also live off the land, so to speak (lots of ancient mice around there!)
Thanks for stopping by!

Makropoulos said...
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