Friday, March 11, 2011

brush me!

Well, I've been sitting by this brush for days now,
waiting for someone to brush me.

As you can see from the white hair embedded inside it, 
I rub up against it and brush myself
right under the chin.
I do have to give Shelly,
our great cat care person,
extra special credit
for taking such fabulous care of us
when the BTLO is away.
She is awesome;
in fact, Pişi and I suspect that Shelly
is really a cat in disguised
as a person.


But, I've just been waiting for that special someone to come home 
and give me a good brushing!

And here she is, finally!
And here we go:
In this photo, she's just holding that slicker brush,
and I'm rubbing my head against it,
which I love to do!

It's true, it's kind of hard
to take a picture and get brushed
at the same time,
but as you can see,
I'm smiling!

In fact, I'm so happy,
I'll give you a nice pose
before I go:

And now,
I'll just stick my nose
in this camera!

 See ya' later!
with love,
from Squeak


Katnip Lounge said...

Squeak, we love to be brushed too...In fact, we like to bite the brush or comb while Mommy grooms us with the other one!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Feels soooooooo good, doesn't it?