Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cat Blogosphere!

shshshshshsh She's sleeping


we'll I just have to tell you

both yours truly and I

were just delighted yesterday when,

at a most opportune time,

when we were both kind of depressed

and feeling like no one loved us,

we went to check out our blog.

We're all

kind of frustrated that the Stats thing isn't working.

So, we all

go to the blogs,

to see if we can detect any new action,

and what do we see?

17 new cat blog buddies

saying hi!

on our blog!

Well. . . . we are purrrfectly


We want to say hello!!!!

to all our new friends at

We are really thrilled to have all these new feline friends!

And to be part of a community of cat lovin' humans, too

It could take us a little while

before we figure out how to work being in that community,

but we're eager to find out how!

But Thanksgiving's coming up,

and BTLO is really busy these days.

Still, we're around!

Tomorrow, we're headed towards

Kitty Nirvana.

I'll send pictures as soon as we get there,

but the rumor is:

there will be a three-year-old there!


Yeah, one of the topics she and I both

agree on

is the one of three-year-old humans.

We try to avoid the kid

at first,

because he's almost four.

Which means he actually isn't

so afraid any more.

Now, when it comes to scaring away



has the far better M.O.

Me, I'm just fluffy and pretty

and everyone

wants to pet me,

especially the three-year-old,

who has a stuffed cat that looks

just like me.

Wish me luck

Oh, and

Have a really great Thanksgiving!

with love,

from Pişi & Squeak!


Kea said...

Finding the CB has been the biggest blessing of 2010 for our human. Us too!

Pisi, we want to know how to pronounce your name correctly. We don't even know what alt-key combo does the accent; sorry!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanksgiving blessings to you all. I hope everyone (kitty and human) gets their fill of turkey!

Laila and Minchie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Makropoulos said...

Thanks to all; we hope you had great turkey! We got the giblets!

And speaking of Turkey -- Pisi's name is pronounced Peeshee (not Pissy!) That particular s is in the Turkish keyboard. Right now I'm working on a computer where I don't know how to access it either.

See you all later!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

One way to start is to post a link to your daily blog post on the Cat Blogosphere Mr. Linky. (We usually forget.)