Saturday, October 16, 2010

demanding equal time

You know,
there's a certain point in every cat's life
when she has to really 
take a stand,
demand attention,
. . . . 
insist that she get blog time.

you know,
the Big Two Legged One is just so obsessed
with that 
other blog.

And it's very difficult when you're a cat,
and your paws are too big
to type.

I mean, honestly,
it's not like I have much to say,
but this blog
has been silent
way too long

What's my explanation?
Well, the Big Two Legged One,
when not working on
the Other Blog,
has been working like a dog--
she comes home every night
and works more,
the Stinky Deaf One
and I
for lap time.

It's very hard for me, you know,
since I can hear,
I would like a little 
TLC myself.

But the ugly fact is:

got so used to being with
a cat with broken ears
that she sits around making
no sound at all.

And my illustrious,

-- yeah, that one --

gets the run of everything.

Since she's deaf,
there doesn't need to be
any sound.

I have to honestly tell you:
I sometimes wonder 
what she actually hears in her head.

I mean, seriously,
she just sits for hours,
she can even sleep when
the vacuum cleaner is on right next to her.

Does she hear nothing at all?

Or maybe she hears some old sounds
from when she was a kitten,
sounds like I've never heard
before, because
I've never been to Turkey.

In fact, 
my most recent
greatest adventure
was stalking
a salad

Oh, well,
it had no cheese in it.

You get what you can take,

I'll take this nice bed!

If you  have a few extra minutes,
check out this
very serious cat drama
I found on the internet

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.

I love cat romances --


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hello kitties! There's a Sunshine Award waiting for you over at my blog post of Monday, October 4th. I know it took me a while to notify you, but I was having a cat nap.