Thursday, May 20, 2010

Posing the Pose

A big reason why Pişi hates Squeak is because
she (Pişi) knows how terrifically photogenic her roommate
really is.

As in the other day, when Squeak sneaked into the front room 
(aka: Pişi's sanctum, generally reserved only for her use,
especially when the Big-Two-Legged-One 
is there)
Pişi was asleep.
This means Squeak has the run of the house.
So she settled into the front window, and gave me these poses:

Oh, the pictures are a little dark - they  seem to dim up when you transfer them from an iPhone via e-mail - still, I hope her natural beauty is apparent.
Every picture of this cat is gorgeous.

Squeak had a lovely couple of hours up there,
until Pişi woke up.  And then it got crazy.
Cat fights.  Me fighting with cats,
but ultimately, Pişi got her way.

But it seems she must have learned something from Squeak in the process:
how to be a naturally beautiful cat!

I must try to submit this picture, modified a little, to,
and see if Pişi can finally win herself a place
in  the CatoftheDay archives (along with Squeak!)

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