Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Power Of Now

 So I was just hanging out on the table, reading Eckhart Tolle, see, and this meal appeared. 
The name of the Tolle book is The Power of Now, and believe me,
now can be pretty powerful when there's a slab of salmon involved. 

I just don't know why she got so upset when I decided to eat it.  I mean, really.  There it was, dinner, and I had nothing better to eat except those dry crunchies I've been eating all my life.  Stale, too; they've been in the bowl since morning.  And when they're stale like that, they might as well have been there all my life.

So I left part of the salmon for her, and almost all of the rice. Fluffy likes eating the salad, so I called her on up, and she joined me.  And then the Big-Two-Legged-One showed up and got upset.

She should read that book she left on the table: live in the Now. 

Perfect Catdom

Unless you're Fluffy.  There's something wrong with that cat - I think she has a conscience.
I mean, just look at her:

No!  I didn't do it!

(Can she see me?  I can't see her, so she probably can't see me.  . . .)

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