Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice To Everyone!

It's been a beautiful summer solstice
in our neck of the woods,
sunny and just hot enough --

The BTLO is pretty amazed
at her African Violets.
I especially like this one --

the really deep purple one,
that one hasn't blossomed for almost two years!

Yes, you'll note that I,
have gained access to one of the coveted
here by the Violets and the Window.

I really don't know where she is. . . . .

That's because Her Pişiness
is here,
traveling on a higher level:

in my book, everything is better
on a higher level--

I'm always looking to see things 

If it's over my head,
it's really bugging me.

and I have to see it,
and sniff it,
and overcome it.

And then I'm a happy cat.

It's true, I'm really not supposed to be
on the counter, but occasionally
I get away with it 
for a little while,
or at least as long as it takes
the BTLO 
to take these cute pictures.

Of course my other motivation
is to find out what she's cooking:

and all and all,
it just doesn't look appealing 
to me.

No meat.

Oh, well.

See ya all later!


Pişi and Squeak

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My grandmother was always inordinately proud of her ability to grow African Violets because they are quite difficult. So brava, BTLO!