Friday, September 10, 2010

. . . . queen of the living room . . . .

Pişi here.
Again, we've been away for a little while.
The BTLO has been
"for a living,"
she says, then points to that
cat food
she insists on giving me.

That's right: she feeds me,
cat food!
Can you believe it?
The Queen of the Living Room
and other domains,
a small pathway to the Litter Box,
which happens to be in the one room
where I'll let Fluffy peacefully sleep
all the time.

^^  ^^   ^^   ^^

Yeah, tell me about it.

Her Psycho-Highness
is so gracious as to let me
sleep next to the shit.
Bless her little

The funny thing, though,
is that the
who I sometimes actually like,
has made me the most
scrumptuous bed
in the room where we also
relieve ourselves.
It's so comfy
that it's really the 
only place I want to be.

Unless, of course,
Yours Truly,
the QofLR,
is sleeping.

Than I just do whatever the heck
I want to do

To tell you the truth,
I've been a little worried about
ol' Psycho Kitty:
she's been sleeping under that blue chair
an awful lot.

Sometimes I think
she doesn't feel all that

Sometimes I go and check on her.

I mean, she really is
kind of sad
and lonely
and I know she wouldn't
hear a meow.

In fact, 
I've taken to just opening
my mouth
when I'm around her,
because I know she can't hear me

If I open my mouth and squint
a certain way,
she seems to understand.
And brother,
you should hear the noise she makes.

If she could hear herself, she'd think twice
before making that noise.

But I've come to understand
she thinks we're both talking
at the same volune,
which is funny, since
I'm talking so softly,
and she's talking so

We balance out,
in a funny way.

In a funny way,
I like her.

P & S

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